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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our cardiac rehabilitation program delivers a
well-rounded approach of education, counseling and step-by-step exercise programs to help our residents recover from heart attack, heart surgery and other heart conditions.

We’re focused on rebuilding strength and working with each patient on a program that is individualized and specially designed to improve heart health now and in the future.

Our specialized services include:

  • Exercise and prescription modifications for cardiac patients, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, & pulmonary rehab
  • Nutrition counseling by our
    licensed dietician
  • Risk factor management counseling provided by our dietician and skilled nursing department
  • Psychological social management provided by our licensed social worker
  • Activity counseling to help educate you on living life to the fullest while maintaining your health and safety
  • 24/7 medical surveillance and care by our licensed, skilled nursing staff

Ready to make a positive
change in your health?

Learn more about our

cardiac rehab program.


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Committed to Excellence Through Long-Term Success

We’re dedicated to lowering readmission rates and to do this we focus on helping our cardiac rehab patients return to a healthy lifestyle and reduce their likelihood of suffering a heart attack or other heart complication down the road.


That’s why our programs focus closely on counseling sessions with certified staff to build a personalized program that will extend beyond your time in rehab and remain attainable while you’re at home.

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